06 April 2019

ABS Light ON - Replacing the magnetic ring (Part 2)

In Part 1 we established that replacing the ABS speed sensor was only half of the problem, I also needed to replace the magnetic ring on the hub. So here goes...

Remove the caliper and the brake disc as shown in Part 1. Next we'll remove the hub from the spindle which is held in place by one massive bolt.

You will need an M18 spline bit, a tool that you'll only ever going to use for this job, and a hefty breaker bar.

Remove the dust cap with a screw driver and a hammer and then... go off and look for a 5 foot long pipe to extend your breaker bar. This is no joke, with my 18" breaker bar I couldn't break loose the bolt. Once I extended the bar with the pipe the whole thing was flexing like a bow, but the bolt started to come loose. Because the bolt was glued in place with thread-lock you'll need to use the breaker bar until you unthread it completely.

Once the bolt is out you should be able to slide the whole thing off the spindle.

Here you can see the difference between old and new. The brown magnetic ring on the old hub is completely gone.

Slide the new bearing assembly on and tighten the bolt as hard as you can, using the pipe.

Make sure that the gap between the sensor and the ring is between 1 and 2 mm. If it's more it may not work, if it's touching, you worked for nothing.

Put everything back and you're done. After driving a few yards the ABS light should go off and stay that way.