21 March 2019

London to Cambridge & IWM Duxford

Another holiday, another roadtrip. Today is the 1st of January 2019.

First stop is the Imperial War Museum in Duxford

Airy car park

A bus that used to carry soldiers to the front during WWI

Harrier Jump-Jet on the ceiling

Drone from the '60s!!!

Cockpit of a Concorde testmule

Concorde nose lance

Gold plated Dragunov, captured in Iraq

The famous Rolls-Royce Merlin V12. 27 liters of displacement

Duxford Aerodrome. A working airfield

Counter rotating propellers

Mobile machine shop

Spot the 4 cylinder engine and radiator in the corner

Westland Lynx, the fastest helicopter in the world back in the day

An auto-gyro

German V1 Rocket, The Flying Bomb

Fluffy flight commander

This is the restoration workshop

Operations Room during the Battle of Britain

From this small room they supervised much of East Anglia's airspace

The American hangar. Most of the planes are crude replicas

A late model Willys Jeep

A Tiger replica

And then Cambridge...

The most photographed building in Cambridge. Kings College Chapel

Some kind of weird mechanized and digitized time piece

Bridge on the river Cam

Scale model of the city for the blind