13 May 2019

Street Legal Events in Orsett, Essex & Southend-on-Sea

This 12th of May event was held at the Orsett Showground in Essex. It was an open for all modified and performance car meet. Unfortunately, turn up was pretty limited and quality rather disappointing with few interesting cars. The most common cars were the ubiquitous Fiesta STs and Mini Coopers.

Stable of Mustangs, most had the 5.0 V8

28 April 2019

Top 5 Rear Wheel Drive cars under £5000 that are FUN to drive

1. BMW 130i E87

First on our list is a BMW. We know there are a lot of BMW fans out there so let's get the obvious out of the way. Most BMW's are RWD of course, and most have variants that are actually fun to drive, so take your pick. Our choice is the E87 130i, a first generation 1 Series hatchback with BMW's legendary 3.0 liter straight six engine. This naturally aspirated wonder puts out 265 bhp and 315 nm of torque. That is some serious power in a car of this size. Being a hatchback, it's also practical and thus can successfully serve as your only car. The only down side that we can think of is the lack of a limited slip differential, but hey no-one is perfect.

27 April 2019

Wynn's Engine Stop Leak Part 2 & Fix (Almost)

Welcome to part 2 of the oil leak saga.
I've finally managed to fix my oil leak. Sort of...
Now, before you get all excited and run off to the store to buy a can of Wynn's Engine Stop Leak, hear me out.

In my previous review I concluded that this product did nothing to fix my problem. To be fair it sort of did what it said on the box. The rubber o ring around the oil filler cap has indeed gained in thickness, it's noticeably more tight. The same is true for the o ring on the dipstick, so it seems that the rubber seals did swell up and become more flexible... However... this is not what cured my problem.

09 April 2019

Road trip around Europe 2019 - France and trip summary (5/5)

After leaving Luxembourg we switched tack again and headed North with Dover in sight. Since we've already seen Belgium, we chose to drive North through France and take the ferry from Dunkirk. Trip summary at the end!

Road trip around Europe 2019 - Luxembourg (4/5)

Luxembourg City, the capital and only major city of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
I have to admit that I knew very little about Luxembourg and, after Germany, I had low expectations about the place. How wrong I was!
The historic center of Luxembourg City, with its stately architecture and natural beauty, is every bit as interesting and photogenic as any European capital. It is well worth a visit.