06 April 2019

Road trip around Europe 2019 - Belgium (1/5)

I went for a drive again...

The first glimpses of Dunkirk early in the morning

Aboard the ferry, not many people

A handful of cars on this early run
 The first city that I visited on this trip. Ghent, Belgium

Gravensteen Castle

Typical Flemish architecture

Water canals are definitely a central theme of Ghent

Weather was certainly acting up.

Picturesque mix of old and modern.

Impressive murals and sculptures.

Nice Fiat Coupe

Stadt Huis or City Hall

Gravensteen Castle again, with people waiting for the tram right in front of it.

From an other angle

Last photo taken in Ghent
Next up is Brussels or Bruxelles if you're so inclined.

Royal Library with a massive car park underneath.

Weather is still horrible but spirits are high, so all is good.

Belgian chocolate shop in the Royal Galleries.

Hand crafted toys.

The historic center of Brussels - the Grand Place or Grote Markt 

Gilded buildings all around.

The Cathedral in Brussels

Palais Royal de Bruxelles - Residence of the Belgian King

Park opposite the palace.

Saint Jacques-sur-Coudenberg, a neoclassical church

Looking back towards the Grand Place


And that was it for Belgium. Next up The Netherlands