06 April 2019

Road trip around Europe 2019 - The Netherlands (2/5)

From Belgium on to the second leg of our trip, in the land of tulips and windmills...

A 'real' Dutch windmill, not many of these left nowadays.

First stop in The Netherlands - flat as far as the eye can see.

I've spotted this windmill from a distance, I had to get a closer look.

Zeeland - literally the Land of The Sea

This is Oosterscheldekering in Zeeland, part of the Delta Works 

The Delta Works are a system of dams and storm surge barriers designed to keep the North Sea at bay.


Next we are in The Hague

Mauritshuis and the Binnenhof

The Binnenhof is the seat of the government in The Netherlands.

The pond in front of the Binnenhof has a name as well, Hofvijver.

Inside the Binnenhof

This is the Ridderzaal or Knight's Hall

Some kind of ancient fountain in the Binnenhof.

Another high street with a roof, similar to the one we saw in Brussels the day before.

Another big church, it seems like people in the past could never be too far from God.

Lovely convertible VW Beetle with a basket of flowers.

Another day, another city and this time it's Amsterdam

Looking out towards the harbor, or maybe the Amstel river, I don't remember.

Farmer's market in Amsterdam's China Town, selling mushrooms fittingly.

The red light district of Amsterdam.

Here is the address, if you're wondering where it might be.

Spot the lady in the window.

The main train station and apparently the river boat station as well.

Rows of houses and canals alternate in the historic center of Amsterdam.

Boat houses or is it house boats?

You can book some of these and spend the night on water.

People actually live here, you can tell by all the junk laying around.

Interesting draw bridge.

Boat coming in and NEMO Science Museum in the background.

Maritime Museum with old sail ship moored next to it.

And that concludes our trip to Holland, next stop Germany