13 May 2019

Street Legal Events in Orsett, Essex & Southend-on-Sea

This 12th of May event was held at the Orsett Showground in Essex. It was an open for all modified and performance car meet. Unfortunately, turn up was pretty limited and quality rather disappointing with few interesting cars. The most common cars were the ubiquitous Fiesta STs and Mini Coopers.

Stable of Mustangs, most had the 5.0 V8

This one though is the 4 cylinder 2.3 Ecoboost. It looks small in the Mustang's engine bay.

AMG GT. Now that is a great looking car.

Classic sports car proportions.

Subaru Impreza with some questionable mods.

Mazda Mx-5 NA

Mx-5 with rear wing and dual exhaust.

Mk.1 Ford Escort with a nice twin cam in it.

In the noisy corner - an old VW Golf with speakers everywhere.

And to run said speakers it has two alternators and a serious looking battery bank.

Orange Nissan 370z

An unmolested BMW E30. Don't know what engine it had but I'm guessing it's a 4 pot.

A 'thing' that was once an Alfa Romeo Brera.

Flames and lightning Lexus

GTR Corner. There were at least a dozen of them. Sadly I'm not a fan.

One of the coolest cars. Lancia Delta Integrale.

Delta Integrale in excellent condition. A real show car.

Dodge Challenger SRT

'Murican poweeeer. 6.2 liter V8.

A Smart Roadster Coupe Brabus

The Brabus trim was the range topper like AMG for Mercedes.

A regular Smart Roadster with a massive wing to rein in those angry 81 horses.

Ratty VW vans. The white one is positively post-apocalyptic.

Audi TT with engine bay art.

Subaru Forester ST in WRC livery.

Corsa with an enormous wing.

Family of Tasmanian devils living under the bonnet of a Focus ST.

Mazda RX-8. Again with a massive wing.

This is more to my liking. A jaguar XK8 with more modern wheels.

Timeless design.

Chevrolet Astro in the general parking area.

And a Beetle.

Just when I was leaving, some supercars showed up.

Since there was nothing left to see at the car show.... off to Southend-on-Sea

Beautiful sunny day, not very warm though.

Low tide on the Thames Estuary.

The base of the pier.

Southend Pier is apparently the world's longest pier at 1.3 miles in length. Your choice of walking or riding the rails.

Southend seen from the pier.

Lots of people fishing but I didn't see anyone catch anything.

Lifeboat station at the head of the pier.


The Thames Estuary.