23 August 2023

The Great British Road Trip - East Midlands

 In this leg of the trip we visit the National Space Centre in Leicester and then the caves under the City of Nottingham.

The National Space Centre is supposedly a museum dedicated to space exploration, but in reality it is a themed attraction aimed at very young crowds. Lots of colorful displays and flashing lights, but little in the way of science and technology. 

Nonetheless, I did find a few interesting things on display:

Likely the most valuable thing on display here - an entire Soyuz capsule.

A reusable landing capsule from NASA's Gemini program.

A model of the International Space Station.

The shower on the Columbus Module.

A copy of the Voyager Message - a both naive and ambitious undertaking of humanity.

Here's a bit of kit - the fully mechanical gyroscope of a V2 rocket from WWII.

The two booster rockets housed in the main silo.

Apollo Fuel Cell - it made electricity and water out of oxygen and hydrogen. The reverse of an oxygen maker on a submarine.

Next up... the caves of Nottingham

A rare sight in British cities - trams.

Not much to look at, but the history is fascinating and a guided tour is provided.

And, of course, Robin Hood. Robing the Hood while the Sheriff was nowhere to be seen.