22 August 2023

The Great British Road Trip - Blenheim Palace and Warwick Castle

 Welcome to another episode of things to see in Britain. From an 18th century English Baroque monument to a medieval castle complete with towers and dungeons.

Blenheim Palace

In modern history the palace is most famous as the birthplace and childhood home of Sir Winston Churchill, Britain's wartime Prime Minister.

The palace is jam-packed with artwork. Sculptures and paintings everywhere you care to look.

The ceiling of the main hall.

Winston Churchill was born in this very room.

The dining room.

The library, complete with an organ.

The inner courtyard.

Fabulous grounds, complete with a large man made lake.

And even a waterfall, driven by pumps.

Warwick Castle

A real medieval fortress and the seat of power for the Earls of Warwick. By medieval standards it is quite decadent and luxurious inside.

That's it for this leg of the trip. Next time we will be in the East Midlands.