02 March 2021

The Great British Road Trip - Beamish The Living Museum (Day 8)

This will be the final day of our trip for 2019. The main attraction of the day is The Living Museum in Beamish, just outside Newcastle. Then a long blast towards London cutting across The Peak District and a stop at Lincoln Cathedral. Trip summary at the end.

Beamish - The Living Museum

An interesting little circus/concept of a working museum where all the staff are dressed period correct and do odd jobs to simulate life at the turn of the last century in various walks of life. Well worth the somewhat steep £25 admission.

A few photos of the museum...

A sneaky behind the scenes shot.

Next stop The Peak District. After everything else we've seen in this trip The Peak District became bland and unimpressive. A nice drive, but not much of anything else.

And the two pics I've taken...

Off to London then, via Lincoln because I really wanted to see the cathedral. Disappointed once again. The whole thing was covered in scaffolding!

That concludes our Great British Road Trip for 2019. New adventures are awaiting in 2020.
Here's the map of the approximate route:

Total distance covered ended up being 1740 miles. The amount spent on fuel added up to £320.

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