09 April 2019

Road trip around Europe 2019 - Luxembourg (4/5)

Luxembourg City, the capital and only major city of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
I have to admit that I knew very little about Luxembourg and, after Germany, I had low expectations about the place. How wrong I was!
The historic center of Luxembourg City, with its stately architecture and natural beauty, is every bit as interesting and photogenic as any European capital. It is well worth a visit.

A used car dealer with some interesting oldtimers and one new Alfa.

One of many steep streets in Luxembourg, winter tires are apparently mandatory as pretty much every car had them.

Notre-Dame Cathedrale towering in the distance.

The valley of the Alzette river.

This tiny river carved out this huge gorge.

Modern buildings in the new parts of town.

Impressive stone viaduct. One of many.

Every city should look like this. The oldest part of town, the Grund, on the banks of the Alzette. 

Another very steep street.

The Alzette up-close.

Inside the Grund.

Layer upon layer of old fortifications. If only the walls could talk.

In front of Notre-Dame Cathedral.

The towering building across the Petrusse Valley is actually a bank.

Adolphe bridge over the Petrusse.

Tomorrow we are in France.