15 August 2023

Transfagarasan & Bran Castle (Romania)


Bran Castle - in popular culture this is Dracula's Castle

The driven route


Balea Waterfall in the distance

Looking down the mountain pass to the north

Looking up - there's still some way to go

On the top of the mountain there is a lake - Balea Lake

This is the road we drove up on - the best driving road in the world, according to Top Gear

The Vidraru Dam on the southern side

... and BEARS

Curtea de Arges Monastery

The final resting place of the Romanian kings

Manole's Fountain - according to romanian folklore Mesterul Manole was the builder of the monastery, but he was not an actual historical figure.

Bran Castle - the home of Count Dracula, but only in Bram Stoker's imagination

And finally the town of Fagaras

The Orthodox Cathedral

and the Fort of Fagaras