18 January 2022

The Great British Road Trip - Suffolk and Norfolk Coasts (2022)

 As if to make up for last year's short trip, this year we start touring early, in January. The road takes us to the shorelines of Suffolk and then Norfolk.

First stop, Aldeburgh. A quaint little seaside resort/fishing village that looks surprisingly photogenic even on a cold winter morning.

An active fishing village. Freshly caught fish is sold in these shacks every morning.

Gleaming in the winter sun.

Look at the date on that clock, 1650.

Moot Hall houses the Aldeburgh Museum, but it's closed in the winter.

The pier in Southwold...

... and now some pictures in motion:

Off to Norfolk then. Great Yarmouth is great but nothing special in the winter. The thing to see is the seal colony at Horsey Gap. The seals are beached from November to February to raise their pups.

You can only watch them from the top of the dunes. The beach is cordoned off.

There are thousand of them along the beach, living in small groups like these.

Pups are more adventurous and they'll come closer to the dunes, to see the two-legged creatures.

The video... includes seals!

Onwards... to Cromer. The Gem of the Norfolk Coast, as they proclaimed themselves, is a pretty place indeed.

The pier of course. There is no self-respecting resort on English coasts without one.

Not the sort of beach you'd want to spread your blanket on.

Picture perfect promenade.

Holkham Beach in the middle of the Norfolk Coast AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty).

Sand dunes and tidal marshes as far as the eye can see.

And finally the Old Hunstanton Lighthouse

Looks like it's a private residence these days.

This is actually a Coast Guard lookout tower. Marvelously old-worldly.

Don't forget to watch the video...

The weather turned nasty so we'll end it here.